What's Next?

To apply to the virtual training and workshop,

Do not hesitate: apply and send your documents to


* A CV / Short autobiography (highlighting any of your writing experience)


* Any of your writings (script - produced or non-produced – short or long film, an episode of a series,

even a play or a short story).

* A Pitch / defend a series you like, by arguing, via a written document, of a page maximum, not pitching but analysing the series. Choose a series you like and explain why, while considering of its specificities (serial or not, treatment of the genre, thematics, protagonists, seasons, etc.). For example: I like Breaking Bad for its characters that are always ambivalent, the central theme of good and evil, like a line crossed by Walter White over the seasons, etc. Candidates should think about why they like a series, this is where interesting profiles can be found. Please note that the series should preferably be an international series in English.

* A cover letter of less than one page
The virtual classes and workshop will occur between April and July 2021. More information will be communicated to you if your application succeeds.

At the end of this mobile training courses, you will be able to apply for a call for applicants. 
10 of you will then be selected to follow virtual classes (7 to 8 classes, 2h duration, every 2 weeks)

and  face-to-face workshops (5 days) with the best scriptwriting experts from Nigeria and France.

Thanks to this training, you will learn to master the thematics, the creation of characters

and the development of plots specific to the serial format, how to work collaboratively to build

a one-hour episode and how to pitch your project at different stages.
With this program, you will have all the tools and skills

to get started in screenwriting and be the new talent of Nigeria.

Meet The Trainers


Alexandre Manneville: author and screenwriter, graduated in 2008 from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Audiovisuel (ENSAV) in Toulouse, Alexandre starts working as a screenwriter for animation. He thus develops projects for series while writing about others, mainly for Canal+. He is known to have been co-screenwriter of the highly successful French series: En Thérapie, the French adaptation of the Israeli series BeTipul. 

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Akpan Efefiong : Akpan has over 25 years of synergized media and team building experience, enabled by content development insight. He is experienced to use new media for creative strategies and production directions founded on media arts and entertainment talents.  Akpan has worked as Project coordinator for FilmLab (Wazobia AIM group), as well as screenwriter, writer and producer. Among the series Drama he worked on: GRA Women foreshadowing – ‘Desperate Housewives Nigeria’. “

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Stanlee Ohikhuare: is an artistic film-maker, a creative entrepreneur, consultant, a self - taught 3D animator, Graphic Artist, Video Editor, Visual effects creator, and Stunts Director. He is a SURREALIST, and his works exude audacious fantasy with a measurable degree of artistic juxtaposition. He draws immense inspiration from the world of dreams and fantasy, with unapologetic artistic approach to story-telling. His films always have social advocacy in ample consideration, and he deals effortlessly with subjects of pain, conscience, suffering, shock, "the controversial," and "the inexplicable."